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MAAG Polska offers offers only first-class quality products. Our Control Department enures maximum comfort and minimum trouble while working with our products. In order to benefit fully from our poducts’ characteristic features, we recommend you to abide by our guidelines listed below which guarantee that working with our products is 100% touble-free.

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MAAG Polska profiles are made of plastics mixture which main component is PVC. It means that, in practice, a properly storaged article should not change its properties during the whole period of storage which can last up to several years. It is important that the profile is storaged in an above zero temperature within the range from +5°C to +30°C. Storaging products in temperature different from the stated range does not mean that the profile will be permamently deteriorated. However, attention should be paid to „before covering” guidelines in the next section. It is essential that the profile is storaged in original, not rewinded rolls in such way that neither side of the roll is unequally overloaded which might lead to deformation of the profile and to a linear curve. It is recommended that the number of rolls placed directly on each other does not exceed 60. It is not significant whether the profiles are storaged horizontally (in a lying position) or vertically (in a standing position) under condition that each method of storage requires using appropriate stands.


Furniture profile belongs to the category of semi-products used in the furniture industry which are submitted to further processing. It belongs to the same category as, for example, laminated furniture board which is almost always submitted to further cutting and covering of edges. Hence it is extremely important that these two complementary products are properly prepared for the process of covering. We offer you top quality product. Our attention to technical details allows you to be certain that by obiding the given requirements, the covering process will be trouble-free.


Temperature of the joined elements is a extremely important factor affecing the covering process. It refers both to the board and to the profile. In case of the long-lasting storage of furniture profiles in low temperatures, it is required to„stabilize” the profiles in order to adjust them to the working conditions, which means, that the profile should reach temperature of the environment in which it will be processed. It is recommended that this temperature in not lower than 20°C. To be 100% certain, the process of „stabilizing” should last 24h.


Considering the fact that profiles have different thickness, you need to remember to match covering machine settings to the currently used size of the profile. Also the pressure and working temperatures should be set to suit different types of materials used (PVC, ABS) and to their dimensions. In order to do so, technical and starting documentation of the covering machine should be followed. The applied profile should be cleansed from possible pollution in form of dust or metal fillings, which can cause small scratches or have negative impact on the durability of connection between the board and the profile.