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MAAG Polska products are distributed by trading partners whose branches are located all over the country, creating a dense dealer network. In order to obtain an address of a particular dealer, please contact our sales department.
To start cooperation, we kindly ask you to contact our sales department in order to set terms and conditions of the cooperation.
Possible claims should be laid directly to the dealer from whom our products were bought or directly to MAAG Polska by contacting our sales department. Given the speed and quality of considering the claim it is without significance which of the mentioned ways you choose.
You can obtain our product samples by fulfilling an appropriate form which can be found on our webpage. You can also ask one of our dealers to provide you with required samples.
In order to do so, please register on our webpage in the „CLIENT ZONE” section. It is the fastest and the most effective way to obtain any information regarding new products in MAAG Polska collections.
That is an obvious untruth. Both the offered edge banding and furniture-top slats are high quality products, made of PVC. All the components used, like ganulate, pigments or paints do not contain any heavy metals, especially LEAD or CADMIUM. MAAG Polska products safety has been confirmed by the examination of the NATIONAL INSTITUE OF HYGIENE proved by obtaining proper certificates.
Each of the furniture edge bandings discs delivered to you is individually labelled for the purpose of later identification. Placing a hologram at the end of each disc, together with identification labels at the beginning and at the end of the edge banding, gives you certainty that it is the original product.


MAAG Polska edge bandings are offered in three basic thicknesses: 0,6mm; 1,0mm; 2,0mm and, combined with basic widths, the offered range of sizes presents itself as follows:
  • Standard sizes: 22x0,6; 22x1,0; 22x2,0; 28x2,0; 32x2,0; 35x1,0;42x2,0
  • Non-standard sizes: 15x0,6; 19x0,6; 19x1,0; 19x2,0; 20x05; 28x0,6; 28x1; 44x1,0; 54x2,0
There is a technical possibility of producing edge bandings according to individual specification prepared on a client’s request. It is related with a minimum consignment and consequently with an individual agreement between the client and MAAG Polska.
There are many types of glue on the market dedicated to veneering of furniture board with PVC edge bandings. Given high flexibility of edge bandings and their compatibility with practically each type such fusible glues, MAAG Polska does not recommend products of any particular producer. In order to learn more details, please consult a specialised glue distributor.