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We invite you to cooperation - we provide coprehensive assistance.

We provide coprehensive assistance

MAAG Polska invites all interested entities to cooperation in respect of distribution of MAAG Polska products. We provide Authorised Distributors and Trading Partners with a comprehensive assistance in respect of sales and technical matters.

We offer support in respect of trading activities by providing constant access to the most up to date information, participation in all promotional activities, advertising campaigns and providing your trading outpost with an appropriate display and promotional materials. At the same time we quarantee running a common trading policy within a fixed area. In case of any doubts or queries our technical services are at your disposal.

Simultaneously, we need to emphasize that MAAG Polska products can be only purchased in the trading outlets of our Authorised Distributors and Trading Partners. Each selling point has its own Certificate of authenticity with a unique code.

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Lesia Ilnicka
Export Manager

+48 (32) 27 68 968
int. 26

+48 510 262 247

Anna Struczewska
Export Manager

+48 (32) 27 68 968
int. 25

+48 500 402 470

Joanna Bielecka

Customer advisor

+48 (32) 27 68 968
int. 23

+48 500 402 470


If you are interested in the possibility of cooperation

or in order to notify any irregularities, please contact