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Since its launch, MAAG Polska has been a manufacturing company, providing the furniture accessories’ market with high quality types of PVC edge banding.

What we do

Since its launch, MAAG Polska has been a manufacturing company, providing the furniture accesories market with high quality types of PVC edge bending. The basic and unchanging motto supporting all our operations is the supply of top quality products in competitive price range, simultaneuosly ensuring the most effective sales service system on the market.

MAAG Polska product portfolio comprises edge bans.

Edge bans portfolio comprises all standard profile sizes which match decors and board sizes offered by the leading European producers. With basic profile width of 22 mm dedicated to a 18mm-thick board, furniture can be finished off by applying 2mm, 1mm and 0,6mm-thick profiles. For thicker boards, combined boards and worktops there are profiles offered according to the following specification: 28x2; 32x2; 35x1; 42x2. There is a possibility to manufatcure profiles in other, less popular, dimensions, for example: 15x0,6; 19x0,6mm; 19x1mm; 19x2mm; 20x0,5; 28x0,6mm; 28x1mm; 44x1mm or 54x2mm. MAAG Polska offers exclusively first-class quality products, labelled with a barcode and a unique hologram. Remember that collecting holograms is required to participate in our annual competition „Exchange holograms for prizes”.

Logistics of supplies by MAAG Polska, referred to as 24H SERVICE, was designed and implemented as the only method of products distribution. It means that each order placed by 12 am is fulfilled within the next working day, regardless of the place of destination within Poland. This service comprises the whole product range, regardless of colour, decor, size or the ordered quantity. It should be emphasized that at the moment MAAG Polska is the only Polish poducer which fulfills placed orders on the next day.


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Export Manager

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Export Manager

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Customer advisor

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